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Nick Jr Arcade
Nick jr arcade provides you and your kids with some nice games, however, you can play few of them for free, then you need to pay if you want to play more. This is very annoying, but don't worry as you come to the right place, Arcade Demo is a fantastic FREE arcade site, you can play thousands of great games for free forever. Just vistit the site and choose the games and you can play as long as you want for free.
play Indiana Jones games (Topic: nick jr arcade) Indiana Jones
If adventure has a name it must be Indiana Jones.
[Played: 307 times]
play Alpine Skiing games (Topic: nick jr arcade) Alpine Skiing
Try this skiing, but it is dangerous and exciting
[Played: 300 times]
play Action Fish games (Topic: nick jr arcade) Action Fish
Action Fish = ActionFish.
[Played: 300 times]
play Alien Scum Slaughter games (Topic: nick jr arcade) Alien Scum Slaughter
An Alien Craft has crash-landed. Plow'em down!
[Played: 331 times]
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Bullet Bill (Topic: nick jr arcade) Bullet Bill
You are a Bullet Bill out to hit both Mario and Lu
[Played: 325 times]
BreakOut (Topic: nick jr arcade) BreakOut
If your a child of the 80's, you know this game..
[Played: 299 times]
TrickyBall (Topic: nick jr arcade) TrickyBall
Test your reflexes and shoot the balls
[Played: 299 times]
The Daring Dozen (Topic: nick jr arcade) The Daring Dozen
Help the egg jump as high into the trees.
[Played: 299 times]
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Think Donkey (Topic: nick jr arcade) Think Donkey
How good is your memory?
[Played: 301 times]
Load of Crocodile (Topic: nick jr arcade) Load of Crocodile
Help Archie transport medical supplies.
[Played: 299 times]
Dr.Dentist (Topic: nick jr arcade) Dr.Dentist
Drill the patients teeth, careful not to drill.
[Played: 299 times]
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Chain Reaction (Topic: nick jr arcade) Chain Reaction
he objective of the game is to invoke a chain.
[Played: 299 times]
Rickshaw Jam (Topic: nick jr arcade) Rickshaw Jam
The game is for you to methodically move.
[Played: 299 times]
Bubble Bobble (Topic: nick jr arcade) Bubble Bobble
The classic arcade game "Bubble Bobble" returns.
[Played: 299 times]
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